Alexander Golubev

Alexander Golubev

Alexander Golubev
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Intriguing design

Strange built in scarf on this coat, not sure how I really feel about it but worth pinning.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Wasteland Cowl- by Crisiswear. (via Terre en friche Cowl par Crisiswear sur Etsy) More Fashion here.

alexander-fang:  cruvoirdotcom:  Lost And Found, InAisce, Obscur...

Street goth ninja giving me life like no other. All black everything done right

Visions of the Future: Street Reconnaissance & Guide By Maxelinho

scars, imperfections, and failure.

A long coat, Like enzo's clothing

Incredible hooded clothing for men. Layers on layers on layers. Men's fashion and clothing.

JOJO POST FASHION: FASHION IS ALL ABOUT CONFIDENCE. wearable technology. Modern, Insane Cyberpunk Hair, futuristic fashion, cyber fashion, futuristic look, Shoes, Night, Day, Girl, Teen, woman, Man Fashion. Hat, Cuff, Bracelet, Nail, futuristic boy, cyberpunk, cyber punk, cyber hair, future fashion. Steam, carapace, future, sexy, futuristic, futurism, sci-fi, scifi, futuristic girl, futuristic style, futuristic fashion.

love the military-esque style, Antony, Cassius, or Brutus for Act 2

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::::Theleesshop:::: All mens slim luxury items, cyberpunk clothing

Nyfashioncity Mens Black Wax Coated Cargo Pants Fashion Biker Jeans | NYFashionCity

I'd wear this, but good luck finding an affordable pair that fits me

Cyberpunk Clothing Cyberpunk fashion

Mixing the hood and a mesh cover.

metal-maniac-starship-mechanic: “only neon light shines down here ”

Sweet pictures of futuristic cities! We are, of course, heavily indebted to architect visionaries like Hugh Ferriss and his Metropolis of Tomorrow,.