great shisha stitch how-to, step by step photos -- on Joyful Abode blog.

Tutorial: Indian Shisha (mirror) Embroidery

Tutorial: Indian Shisha (mirror-work) embroidery, diy, handmade, needlework, how-to I remember wearing shirts that had these cute Shisha embroidery on them.

Вяжем пинетки своими руками. Пошаговый мастер-класс


Repeat After me Crochet: DIY Sweet Crochet Baby Summer Bootie by Nina Maltese

Different ways of making rings for Romanian point lace #crochet

Romanian point lace, battenberg (battenburg) lace and Irish crochet lace all traditionally use rings in the lace. I am going to show a few ways of making these rings.



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Rings and Roses Irish Crochet Purse by Kathryn White

Rings and Roses Irish Crochet Purse pattern by Kathryn White

Some things never go out of style, like this intricately crocheted rosey purse, lined with soft pink silk. Would be great as a scented sachet in your lingerie drawer!

Irish lace crochet.

I'm going to have irish crochet lace on my wedding dress if my fingers fall off…

īru raksts

īru raksts

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