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Our favorite small yard transformation - eager to start the next!
BEFORE / AFTER: A small cottage thoroughfare garden in the city.
four wooden planters with trees in them on the side of a street next to an apartment building
The Napa Planters, Built to Last Decades
Wooden Planter Boxes Handcrafted from Redwood | Free Shipping
a small tree in a white planter on a wooden floor next to a couch
studio ww | ontwerpstudio op het gebied van interieur
Ontwerp dakterras WW Interieur Styling & Advies
an olive tree is growing in the middle of a picnic table with benches around it
Cowgirl Creamery photos
Cowgirl Creamery - Point Reyes, CA, United States. Cool picnic tables built around olive trees.
a wooden planter sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a red maple tree
By Material - Planters Unlimited
Eureka Redwood Planters
a wooden arbor in the middle of a garden
Heartwood Arbor
New England Arbors Wood Arbor & Reviews | Wayfair
an outdoor patio with stone steps and pergolated seating area, surrounded by trees
Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. CTP13
Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Pergola No. CTP13 - by Trellis Structures
an outdoor garden area with various types of plants
Rose Trellis: Jardin Rose Arch | Gardener's Supply
yellow roses are growing on the side of a house
Tubular Metal Half Garden Arbor | PlowHearth
Cover with vine for privacy
a white house with a black gate in the front yard and walkway leading to it
Interior Design Ideas
Side Yard Ideas - pea gravel, build a low stone wall along the fence for seating and architectural interest
an outdoor patio with chairs and potted plants on the ground in front of it
DIY Curb Appeal Makeover Ideas
Rustic Side Yard - Adirondack chairs, gravel, terracotta pots
a backyard with a table and chairs next to a wooden fence
716 Saint John Cir, Pleasanton, CA 94566 | Zillow
Side Yard Trees for privacy, these are in Pleasanton