Шоколадные СОТЫ для украшения торта Медовик.

If you want your cake to look original, then decorate it with chocolate honeycombs, which are very easy to cook by yourself. You only need dark chocolate.

Печенье КАНТУЧЧИ с арахисом. Хрустящее итальянское лакомство!

If you want to crunch, I suggest trying one of the most famous Italian sweets - cookies kantuchchi.

Домашний РЖАНОЙ ХЛЕБ с хрустящей корочкой. Просто, вкусно и полезно.

Delicious fragrant homemade bread with a crispy crust that is very easy to prepare. Cook and eat with pleasure! Composition "Redwood Trail" belong to the per.

Оладушки (оладьи). Классический рецепт нежных и пышных оладиков.

Simple classic recipe for pancakes, which you can please your loved ones for breakfast and more. ** Ingredients: 1 cup ml) yogurt (curd) 1 egg 250 g .

Маринованные ГРИБОЧКИ. Отличная закуска!

Маринованные ГРИБОЧКИ. Отличная закуска!

Эстонские БУЛОЧКИ с корицей

Эстонские БУЛОЧКИ с корицей

ХЛЕБ деревенский из трёх видов муки.

ХЛЕБ деревенский из трёх видов муки.

Вкусные ПИРОЖКИ из тонкого теста с картошкой и грибами

** Ingredients: 2 cups of flour cup warm water cup vegetable oil te.

КЕКС с шоколадными каплями

A soft, fragrant and delicate cupcake with chocolate drops, which is very easy to prepare. ** Ingredients: 250 grams of kefir / yogurt 125 grams of sugar 80 .


Gingerbread lovers will appreciate this recipe! They stay soft for a few days.

Краковское ПИРОЖНОЕ из СССР

I advise everyone to cook it, and it will become one of your favorite desserts! The cake turns out to be crispy, .

Яблочные БУЛОЧКИ на завтрак из цельнозерновой муки

A fragrant, tender casserole with apples. Very tasty and healthy diet buns from whole wheat flour, without yeast and eggs, with a little sugar.

Торт МИШКА. Вкусный, нежный и очень лёгкий.

The cakes are very well saturated, and sour cream gives the cake a pleasant creamy taste. The cake is easy to prepare and does not require large financial co.

Торт МЕДОВИК классический.

Very tasty cake, with a pleasant aroma of honey! Cooking it is not difficult, as it may seem, but the result will delight any sweet tooth!

Идеальный  ЗАВАРНОЙ КРЕМ для торта.

This recipe for custard is ideal for honey cake, as well as any cake from cakes. It is incredibly delicious, sweet and delicate.

МОРКОВНЫЙ ПИРОГ. Нежный, сладкий и очень вкусный!

Carrot cake turns out so tender that it just melts in your mouth! Incredibly fragrant, light and easy to prepare. ** Ingredients: cups of wheat flour 2 t.