Sun / Moon. would be a cool tattoo

Sun / Moon Wall Art by CharlestonHarborDes on Etsy --- would also be a cool tattoo. Maybe using the negative person have moon/stars and the other have the sun

Moon tattoo

Placement moon child tats, gettin a crescent moon somewhere soon, for sure:)

Sun and moon tattoo

50 Examples of Moon Tattoos

I want to get similar design on my side but have the sun stacked above the moon and have stars hanging from the moon. My sister being the sun and I the moon

Sun moon

sun and moon tattoo! :D i would extend the moon a little bit more but i really like it! Just not on my hand lolCake chocolate piping design

Left shoulder/arm clock tattoo

AEC: Tattooed hotties (27 photos)

Beautiful Moon Phases Chart!! This could be a future set up for my moon tattoo!!

Photo (From Moon to Moon)

Full Moon moon Magic new moon craft magick waxing moon phases phases waning we-will-tessellate