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☺ Welcoming The To The Modern Stockholm : I’ve done a series of images for the hotel together with photographer Henrik Bülow. The series combine the joyful and playfulness of the style with todays innovative way of communicating

A Llama in Times Square. New York. 1957. - Inge Morath – Magnum Photos

A Llama in Times Square. New York. 1957

I have no idea the source or the subject of this photograph, but it's beautiful in every way.

Jessie] I laugh as I blow the smoke out. I started smoking weed again. Wasn't the best idea but it was helping.

Offer to yourself your own permission to be accepting of that which you view to be the shadows of you, and allow yourself a new perception, a turning of your perception, recognizing that you need not be discounting of yourself, you need not be chastising of yourself or striving for perfection, but all that you create within your reality is an expression of you.-Elias (Magnif-eye by oren hayman)

I really like how the magnifying glass gives the photo a clear focus, in an interesting way. I also like how the photo is in black and white to show maximize the contrast.


10 cosas que sólo los introvertidos entienden

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