Julia Naumcheva

Julia Naumcheva

Julia Naumcheva
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What a creative storage solution!  Instead of being tangled in a drawer or taking up valuable counter space.

creative kitchen cabinet storage ideas: pull-out utensil bin is a clever alternative to the traditional corner-cabinet lazy Susan.

Incense Burner TeePee that smokes, Ceramic Navy Blue and White, Native American Aztec Design, Stoneware Clay Pottery, Unique Namaste Gift by JessicaHicklin on Etsy

Handsculpted teepee incense burner made out of stoneware clay that releases the smoke through the top of the sticks chimney! The wire sticks were

Colorful beauty.

Roy G Biv Ceramic Handmade Rainbow Striped Mug

ett la benn: Using Cellulose (plant material waste) and turning it into amazing bowls, light shades etc.

Beautiful lights made by Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Durler who are Ett la Benn (Berlin) - Technique of air drying cellulose (Diy Art Large)

Love this idea.  White air dry clay decorated with sharpies on the outside, paint on the inside!

White air dry clay decorated with sharpies on the outside, and bold paint on the inside! ~ link is dead White air dry clay decorated with sharpies on the outside,…

Pistachio Melon Cake ~ Healthy and fun alternative to traditional cake!

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas! -- I LOVE this light and yummy cake alternative made with melon. This is such a great idea!

MOON CERAMIC™ - керамика. Мастерская в Минске

Porcelain Affairs, Ceramic Studio by wapa

Ceramic Wall Pods by Jo Boyer

Ceramic Wall Pods by Jo Boyer

Un placer tomar el té en éstas tacitas.-

A handmade stoneware tea mug shaped like a cute little elephant with a handy compartment to stash a tea bag after brewing. You can find it on urban outfitters

pratos azuis

Azure Plates - Assorted Set of 4 DRC graphics on plates