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DIY tips, symbols and their meaning, cooking, jewelries and other thigs. Simply hodgepodge. *None of these pins comes from me.*
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With the same scary mask from the classic film complete with the long black coat, this scarecrow will be the perfect Halloween addition for your front yard, back porch, or on the first step leading up the house.


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"Specification *Diamond Material : Cubic Zirconia (CZ) & Moissanite ( As Per Order ) *Total Diamond Weight : 0.84 CT (Approx.) *Diamond Shape : Round Cut *Diamond Dimension : 1.20 MM *Side Diamond Color : White *Clarity : VVS *Certificate : AGL ASIA (ONLINE) *Making Process: Handmade by our Experienced Staff. *Stamp: Our All Rings Stamped According to metal Purity (935 SIL/10K/14K/18K). Custom Order:- *We do Accept Custom order. *Buyer can also request customization in listed Items (Charges

Jewerly Black, Original, Chain

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Jewerly Resin, Bottle, Transparent

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Jewerly Tiny

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eu nem sei como se coloca isso mas achei bonitin viu
Купить Космическое - фиолетовый, кулон, космос, аметист, металл

Jewerly Gem, Stone, Geode

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Details: Sweet Art Nouveau natural fresh water pearl & ruby festoon necklace set in 14K yellow gold. This necklace has feminine gold drapes gold chain accented with pearls, and a beautiful pink ruby in the center. The chain and details are 14K yellow gold. Please ask all necessary questions prior to placing an order! Measurements: The necklace interior chain measures 17 inches when stretched. Condition: This piece is in very good condition.
"This fragile bloom represents innocence, purity and abundance. This Lily of the Valley necklace is a popular jewelry piece for brides, Mother of the Bride, wedding party and anniversary gifts. Leaves are hand enameled in translucent green to emphasize texture in the leaves. Each pearl blossom dangles from an arched stem. Pearls are natural nacre glass and not subject to scratching and wear like real pearls. They look just like the actual flower! Hand burnished pale bronze finish. Lily of the Va

Jewerly Cheap, Wire, Leather

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from lock-screens on tumblr.
Don't Judge People For The Choices They Make - The Minds Journal
(n.) the rear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced.

Philia, phobia, mania

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Untranslatable Words Turned Into Charming Illustrations - UltraLinx


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Unusual travel words with beautiful meanings | Looking for some travel inspiration? Check out these beautiful words from different languages that sum up emotions in traveling perfectly


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Oh definetly not. They don't pay enough. Even after working here for awhile, the pay increase I feel isn't worth it. They have really great school benefits so that's the main reason I'm still there. I wouldn't mind being a manager. I don't know if I could do it for PH though. I'd have to go above a GM but my job is already a big pain in the ass. I can't imagine going higher.


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definitions of words,  #definitions #words #trends #women #trend #woman


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Abience (psychology) ~ (n.) the strong urge to avoid someone or something.
38+ super ideas quotes deep beautiful sky #quotes
A very impulsive person who doesn't think a lot which results in them making a lot of escape


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Elysian (Greek) Definition - Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.    Printable art is an easy and affordable way to personalize your home or office. You can print from home, your local print shop, or upload the files to an onlin
*The Essence of YOU*  [from the Greek]


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Boketto (Japanese) Definition - The act of gazing vacantly into the distance without a thought.    Printable art is an easy and affordable way to personalize your home or office. You can print from home, your local print shop, or upload the files to an online printing service and have your prints delivered to your door!


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Antiquated book of macabre illustrations and unholy rituals (Aged paper) bound in demonic creature's face (latex). Wrapped in a bag with a barbed wire (non-metal). Read the reviews! Hand-made to a high standard starting from clay sculpture onto a ceramic mold then finally high-quality latex. Pages are individually painted for the antiquated look. The latex is treated with an acrylic seal for long-lasting protection.
💕【Dream Crystal Transparent Dragon Egg】A cute dragon looks so lifelike in a crystal transparent lava dragon egg. When you have this lava dragon egg, You will be the conqueror of the world.


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Jak zařídit ložnici pro dva, když je místa tak málo? Správný výběr manželské postele je zásadní.
6 Pieces Different Style Miniature Decorative Wall Shelf Set. Colour: Black & Solid Wood Dimensions: Height: 15 cm x Length: 17 cm x Width: 10 cm Set includes: Pentagonal House Model Wall Shelf - Hexagonal Wall Shelf - Rectangular Wall Shelf - Circular Wall Shelf - Prism Wall Shelf - Triangle Wall Shelf Solid Natural Wood Shelves are Assembled, Installed and Ready to Use. It is specially designed to be used both on the wall and on the desktop. It will be sent as a set of 6 as seen in the pho

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Hello, I'm back today to share a pair of cards I made for the current Florals challenge at Where Creativity Meets C9!   I'm not sure ...


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