Wee little pig

I want to have a Micro Pig as a pet! Tag a friend who thinks pigs are cute ! Photo cred: by beforeidie

Cute overload

How Libby feels about Monday 💞🐷 Weekend, why do you have to be so far away😢

Mom Pig With Her Young Piglets: "In The Swim!"

Mom Pig With Her Young Piglets: "In The Swim!" This by far is the cutest pig swimming picture. They look so happy.

This Pin Is For My Wife Of Over 45 Years.  She Loves Baby Pigs, And Has Since She Was A Little Girl.

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Instagram Post by Prissy and Pop💗💙 (@prissy_pig)

Winter is coming... http://ift.tt/2fPJGQn

** PIGGY: " Kin me justs pose fer de picture? It be colds and snowy outz - me haz short legs!

Swimming piglets

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Funny pictures about Just keep swimming. Oh, and cool pics about Just keep swimming. Also, Just keep swimming photos.