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don't imagine her hoarding the food at first incase it was a mistake, she could still eat. don't imagine her finding it one day, all moldy and gross

The funniest Star Wars twist would be if instead of a family-reveal it was a not-family-reveal where Kylo Ren find out he's adopted and not even related to Darth Vader at all. -- AHAHAHA OMG YES PLEASE

*cries because Star Wars* then finn is the outsider born into a non nerd family, that was confused but quickly catches up and joins our side among the nerds

They couldn't see that blowing up in their faces sooner or later? Some clairvoyants they turned out to be. THAT'S why Anakin ended in the dark side!

Honestly I agree with the theory that Kylo's birth name is Ben Organa and that Han took Leia's last name but I disagree that it's just because Alderaan is matriarchal.

I like this idea but I have naturally blonde hair and everyone else I'm related to had dark brown hair, so it might be possible, idk --> Also, Padme did have pretty dark hair & who knows what Han's parents looked like?

Sassy Poe Dameron gives me life <><> Did anyone else get the Space Balls reference?