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Elevate Your Garden Style With A DIY Raised Planter

Raised Planter - hinged lid allows for quick access, as well as easy venting. Hoop house plastic can be rolled up in the summer to keep rain off tomatoes, or removed entirely during the hot months.

Выращивание картофеля в мешках.


Grow potatoes in containers comes with several advantages. Protecting the potatoes from critters, which really love them, is much easier when they are in

Волшебный раствор для помидор ( и не только! проверено!)

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«Розы в саду»-проект телеканала «Загородная Жизнь»

“Every rose has its thorn is what the old adage says that we console ourselves to when jabbed by those prickly thorns. How curses come out of our mouth with the sting and the sight of the rose-red …