In this lesson you will learn about each one of the six Russian cases: what they mean and how to differentiate between them.

Russian Grammar Lesson: Russian Cases

Autumn in Russian. Learn autumn words in Russian with

Autumn Words in Russian

Today we will talk about one of the most beautiful times of the year - autumn and learn a few interesting Autumn words in Russian.

A better command of Russian.  This chart is awesome...I can learn the precise names of colours.  Woot!

Colores por tonos en ruso A better command of Russian.I can learn the precise names of colours.

One of the 14 perfect Russian words you need in your life

пороша: (n) fresh powdery snow that fell at night A pristine layer of snow that fell on a windless night or towards the evening, untouched outside of the occasional footprints of birds and beasts.

Learn some #Russian right now and enjoy it just a bit later. Here are some examples about weather, months, seasons. You can read more and watch video on my blog. #natashaspeaksrussian

This time you will learn Russian names of months and seasons . Actually after reading this post and watching a video at the end of it you will be able to keep conversation about weather in Russia n.