How to knit the Slip Stitch Lace stitch. You will need to know how to knit, purl, make a yarn over, slip a stitch, and pass a slipped stitch over.

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In this DROPS video we show you how to knit a half domino square (vertical). We already picked up stitches along one edge of the domino square and we knit as.

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Além do blog: Tricô de Morar

Ferm Living - Knitted Floor Cushion - I started crocheting something by hand yesterday - learning for the first time, and it's sort of turning into that pillow on top!

Diagonal Fixed Loop Stitch - YouTube

In this video you will learn how to crochet this beautiful Precious Angel Baby Blanket, which is part of a set that includes the baby blanket, Dress, and Bon.

Diagonal Fixed Loop Stitch - YouTube

Dense pattern spokes There is a detailed description of the scheme and pattern. Rapport pattern 3 loops wide and 2 rows in height.