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an open book with blue letters and numbers on the front cover, in black and white
type specimen book
a black and white poster with the words bod on it
Bodoni Typeface Poster by L-Young on DeviantArt
OMG style and contrast! one of the forms of working with type from when I still was inking anything design related.
an art work with red and black letters
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Caslon Alphabet Print
the typeface classifier poster is shown in black and white
Typeface classification
Typeface Classification
the letter c is shown in white and black
A History of Typeface Styles & Type Classification
Neo-Grotesque Sans-Serifs
a poster hanging on the wall that says, university of northern territory k r g
Univers poster #typography #poster #graphicdesign
an open book is shown on a pink background
Font collection - Univers - Adrian Frutiger - Layout
Font collection - Univers - Adrian Frutiger on Behance
a poster with the words futura written in black and white on it's side
Letterforms & Typography
Classifying the typefaces: Futura, Rockwell and Adobe Caslon, into typographic design posters that reflect each of their personality and history.
a black and white poster with the letter k in it's center, on top of
a red book cover with black and white text in the center on an orange background
CDPG Folders | 10 F FOTO-GRAFICI - Aiap
L’acciaio inossidabile, N. 5 - 1962 novembre/dicembre. Progetto grafico di Ilio Negri (1926-1974) e Giulio Confalonieri (1926-2008)
the poster for sprute, an exhibition on plants and other things in which they are
citizen cosmos
citizen cosmos
an info sheet with different types of font and numbers, including the letters in each letter
Aprenda mais sobre tipografia: Serifas [Infográfico]
Aprenda mais sobre tipografia: Serifas [Infográfico]
a red poster with white text on it
typography poster - Recherche Google