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Устранение дефектов брюк

Altering the crotch of trousers for a perfect fit - Устранение дефектов брюк

Устранение дефектов брюк

Elimination of defects trousers He belly In the presence of the protruding belly trousers may form a defect in folds around the abdomen, as well as the top of the legs.

Probably one of the best illustrations on pants alterations I have ever seen. Cation Designs: Pants Pattern Alterations

Cation Designs: Pants Pattern Alterations -- even if you never make a pair of pants -- this will help you understand how they should fit and how to buy pants that really fit sewing clothing


nagy hasra varréás-----How to alter pants for a large tummy-need to translate from Russian

tips on fitting pants patterns

Three key factors contribute to successful dressing in pants: style, fabric, and fit. Illustration showing the different hip shapes

#Safran# Ajuster l’arrière du pantalon

#Safran# Ajuster l’arrière du pantalon (Deer & Doe (FR))