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an office with plants on the wall and blue chairs in front of it, along with white desks
Commercial Design Service - Décors Véronneau
Commercial Achievements - Décors Véronneau
a white planter filled with green plants in an office
Je hebt gezocht naar Plantenbak - De Jong Projectinrichters
Verrijdbare plantenbak voor kantoor
several different shades of green and brown on a white surface with wood, fabric, and paper
¿Armonía o contraste? Los esquemas de color — Victoria Pérez Castillo - Interiorista
¿Armonía o contraste? Los esquemas de color — Victoria Pérez Castillo - Interiorista
an empty reception area with white walls and wood accents
Pin by nindy putri on Interior | Hospital interior design, Dental office design interiors, Office interior design
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a plant on the nightstand next to it
Comfortable Family Home With Gentle Accents (Plus Floor Plan)
Modern family home interior with colourful accent decor, a small open plan living space, peaceful bedroom decor ideas, fitted bathroom inspiration & floor plan. #interiors #interiordesign #interiorstyling #modernhome #homedecor #decor #openplanliving #decorideas
an outdoor bar is lit up at night with the city lights shining in the background
Technē Revamps Rooftop Bar & Cinema | IndesignLive
It would be safe to say that many Melburnian’s can conjure memories of heady summer nights atop the original rooftop bar.
three men are playing guitar outside on the patio while others sit in chairs and watch
The Attic Madrid: conciertos en el tejado
The Attic Madrid - Conciertos en terrazas
an outdoor seating area with tables and chairs on the balcony overlooking palm trees in the background
A neighbourhood restaurant for a 'hood like few others, Porta Via Calabasas is a debonair new space from designer Sophie Goineau...
two black chairs sitting next to each other near a pool
How to create a funfilled backyard
How to turn a regular yard into a welcoming funfilled environment for family and friends | Daily Telegraph
two planters sitting on top of a patio next to a pool
Resembling a large bowl with tall sides the Faxi provides plenty of volume for large plants or mass plantings. The classic colour and sleek design make it perfect for any space. Exclusive to The Balcony Garden in collaboration with Laboratorio S.Rocco, each piece from the Tommaso range is handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy using the highest quality clay from Galestro Colorobbia. Available in Etruscan finish and with one drainage hole. Size: 800mm diameter x 600mm high. Approx 215 L. Approx
a glass shower door in a bathroom with white tile flooring and gray wall tiles
Glass profile gps2 | homify
Baños de estilo por Profilpas
a wooden floor next to a white wall
Galería - WoodArch
Galería | WoodArch
two vases with flowers sit on a shelf in front of a white tiled wall
Creating Herringbone Tile Patterns: Our Favourites | Mandarin Stone
Creating Herringbone Tile Patterns: Our Favourites | Mandarin Stone