DIY: Small Space Vegetable Garden

DIY: Small Space Vegetable Garden

wine boxes - free at any local liquor store.such a great idea for a raised garden!SO many other great ideas for the home with wine boxes!

kitchen garden/potager style

heirloom philosophy - a photo of a French kitchen garden. Love the layout of these raised beds, paired with pea gravel paths! Clean and classic. For back yard behind picture windows

Garsington_03 Sarah Price, Garsington, Oxfordshire, combination of Sedum, Stipa, Salvias, Erigeron, Origanum & Allium

Soft prarie planting: Sedum, Salvias, Origanum, Erigeron and Stipa gigantea and provides year round structure, texture and colour. Photos courtesy of Sarah Price and Rachel Warne.

Plant combination sedum and echinacea

with Echinacea! Autumn Joy Sedum, Echinacea/Purple Cone Flower, Russian Sage/Pervoskia atriplicifolia and Joe Pye weed/Eupatorium purpureum. Possibly asters in the foreground, Persicaria amplexicaulis middle right?

Urban Vegetable Garden

Raised Garden beds for the backyard - I dont want to cut grass anymore.I want a full vegetable garden in my backyard.

I planned on making a raised bed out of cedar...but this stone is beautiful!  love the little bench...can't wait to garden!

Raised Stone Garden Beds Raised Garden BedsMidwest LandscapingLawn RangerEden Prairie, MN Added on May 2016 at Write Teens

Brooke Giannetti's Kitchen Garden from her Velvet and Linen blog.

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Allium christophii and Persicaria affinis 'Superbum'

Pettifers, Oxfordshire: Dawn Light on Border Planted With Allium Christophii and Persicaria Affinis Superbum

9. Lay the ground with red bricks or pebble and place cedar and pine planks garden boxes on it to plant your veggies:

22 Ways for Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden

Maybe try my new column with a lantern on top and an LED candle inside, in the container garden area?

Garden in White… Spring white containers with bulbs. Beautiful and perfect for those with a smaller patio only garden