russia / hey. i like bands and crazy people. i'm strange. would you like to tell about smth or smb?
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Haikyuu!! - Bokuto and Kuroo❤

- Bokuto and Kuroo. was that a slight reference to guradians of ga'hoole in the beginning because gylfie is an owl from that series I love kuroo's choker

Bokuto and Akaashi - part1 - Haikyuu

My art Haikyuu! Kuroo Tetsurou kuroken bokuto koutarou bokuaka akaashi keiji kozome kenma and bc its my art and i say so kiki give me a brilliant idea that i'd like to thank not only god but jesus for it and her existence

Come one, come all to this tragic affair.........

Adonis Thorne, lead singer of the Wizarding Rock band the Deadly Hallows, wearing a finely cut muggle-style suit. When asked why he wears muggle clothes more often than wizarding he replied, “My.