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Material study by Lelek1980

Material study by This makes me think of Scientific Illustration or Study center. A table designed to help kids learn to represent realistically. Could have still lifes and other objects to recreate (질감 표현)

Kitty Pixels by Buried-Above-Love on DeviantArt

Includes a selection of kitty cones,kitty pops, kitty boba and pawprint milks. Pixels made for my pixel shop on Gaia.

Shakes by Buried-Above-Love on DeviantArt

Redid my shakes pixels to make them a little nicer for my pixel shop on Gaia. For sale by BabyDucklingLove on Gaia only.

Quick MS Paint Tutorial by Buried-Above-Love on DeviantArt

Someone asked me to make a tutorial on how I pixel. Here it is~ Quick MS Paint Tutorial

h a i r t h i n g s by Consonanta on DeviantArt

h a i r t h i n g s by Consonanta

new: bloody cuts by TheThirdAct on DeviantArt

new: bloody cuts by TheThirdAct

How i pixel lips by decomposing-lotus on DeviantArt

People wanted to know how i pixel lips well faces in general eyes are pretty easy I thought I should just make one on lips u__u i'm too lazy for faces l. How i pixel lips

Textures (288×720)

Pixel art based on various elements, objects, etc. A bunch of small pixels put together to make one clear, colorful image. Nothing seemed to track back to the source from a reverse image search.