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Hood ~ Doing some speedpainting!  #sketch #illustration #fantasy #practice

Anime picture with original guweiz long hair single looking at viewer black hair wide image fringe signed lips wind teeth eyebrows glowing fang (fangs) parted lips realistic hair between eyes snow portrait

Alle Größen | sunkissed_by_alectorfencer-d5ayett | Flickr - Fotosharing!

The White Wolf that brings Ani back from the Web Between Worlds has his own secrets to tell. (Book One: Destiny's Call) ℰ. ✦✥✦ Art credit: Sunkissed by *AlectorFencer on deviantART/// natural raw beauty*** (honoring power animals as shamanic helpers)

this is great! I love it!

Saheara was beautiful, she had pale white skin and floral delicate patterns up her face. He eyes were a bright blue, and her hair a navy. She wore a band around her head with a blue stone placed in the center.