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The other side #ravenectar #visionaryart #art #trippy #psychedelic #sacred

Luis Tamani Amasifuen is a shaman and visionary painter who documents his encounters with the plant teacher, Mother Ayahuasca. Portraying transcendental experiences of unity with nature, Amasifuen’s work resonates with.

Alchemy: #Alchemy and the Kabbalah have always been closely linked, as the "Jewish association with Alchemy dates from ancient times. Zosimos, a fifth-century Greek historian, states that the Jews acquired the secrets of the 'sacred craft' of the Egyptians and the knowledge of the 'power of gold' which derives from it by dishonest means, and they imparted the knowledge of alchemy to the rest of the world." ---Jewish Virtual Library.

How Does Angel Metatron Represent Kether (the Crown) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?: In Kabbalah, Archangel Metatron oversees the entire Tree of Life from the top, which is called Kether (the crown).

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Remember that baseline level of knowledge we all supposedly achieved upon completing high school? We must continue to raise our baseline if we shall raise our peak.

[Image] | Jonathan Solter - TIMEWHEEL

Jonathan Solter is a visionary artist specializing in higher dimensional travel, ancient civilizations and animism. His beautifully depicted scenes hold resonance with psychonauts and transcendental meditators alike.

Hamsa - CHAI- Sacred Geometry by Olga-Kuczer on DeviantArt

“Hamsa” - Sacred Geometry The Hamsa hand (Arabic) or hamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old and popular amulet for magical protection from the envious and brings good luck and happiness.

Spiritual Art | Luminokaya - TIMEWHEEL

Luminokaya is a psychedelic illustrator who explores shamanistic ritual, transcendental states of consciousness and sacred geometry in his works, making it ideal for viewing during a ride on the TIMEWHEEL.

Tantric Marriage #ravenectar #visionaryart #art #trippy #psychedelic #sacred

What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.