Carmen Queralt

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a collage of art work with an animal and trees in the foreground, on a gray background
Nosecomo´s landscape
a painting with an image of a house on top of a hill
с последней охоты
a painting with houses and trees on it
an image of two animals that are flying in the air over houses and trees with snow falling on them
a drawing of houses with snow falling on the roof and one person holding an umbrella
an image of a cartoon clock with numbers and people on the front side, including two clowns
boca en boca y río porque me toca, De - La Guarida Ediciones
a painting with birds and trees in the background
an animal book cover with many different animals and words on the front, including zebras, giraffes, lions, and other animals
an open children's book with illustrations of mice and mice in red, white and pink
“El Llarg Viatge”. Un proyecto de Carmen Queralt | Domestika