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the inside of a circular object with pink flowers on it and an opening hole in the center
DIOR Happy Blooming Spring / Director's cut
a white object sitting on top of a black floor next to a dark background with the words tut 02 crumpe
a computer screen showing an image of a square with lines and dots in the center
How to make glass fracture pattern in Houdini (Using Voronoi fractrue)
Some thoughts on Voronoi fracture for glass cracking pattern. Scene file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_9HPkgE84sqWWFyczd1QXRfbHM/view?usp=sharing
an image of a fire in the dark with text that reads portal effect tutoring
portal effect tutorial part1
bbandong portal effect tutorial part1 : https://vimeo.com/196252916 part2 : https://vimeo.com/196247575 part3 : https://vimeo.com/196246969 scene file download http://blog.naver.com/bbandong/220889448413
an image of a black and white cover with colorful lines on the bottom right corner
Connect The Yarns
This time we connect PBD-simulated wires dynamically. http://www.entagma.com/connect-the-yarns-with-the-pbd-solver/ 00:25 Creating the yarns 04:30 Preparing the geo for the PBD simulation 12:30 Creating the PBD simulation 17:20 Adding custom connections 32:00 Shrinking the connections Download the scene file: http://www.entagma.com/wp-content/downloads/CTY_end01.zip
a head with a sign on it that says no unplugged waste is growing ivy
Building an ivy growth solver in Houdini (Part 1)
In this tutorial we are going to build an interesting growth solver that generates ivy branches with tiny roots which connect to the closest surface of a geometry. We will use some VEX and build a custom solver to create some cool growth effects. useful links: https://vimeo.com/172529848 (entagma: Creating Geometry With VEX) https://vimeo.com/128296265 (Rohan Dalvi: Creating animated ivy in Houdini) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/_index (VEX functions in Houdini)
a glowing object in the dark with blue and pink lights
Looping Particle Orb - Video Tutorial Part 1
Looping Particle Orb - Video Tutorial Part 1
an image with the adobe logo in front of it and blue light coming from behind
🔥 Turbulent Particle Simulations | After Effects TUTORIAL
Turbulent Particle Simulations | After Effects Tutorial
a glowing object in the dark with blue and pink lights
Looping Particle Orb - Video Tutorial Part 1
Looping Particle Orb - Video Tutorial Part 1 - YouTube
an image of a computer screen with text
Basics : POPs : Particles Sourcing Houdini 15
This video looks at the basics of sourcing particles in Houdini, including from volumes, the distinction between impulse and constant sourcing, setting velocity and color and dealing with fast moving sources.As usual a project file is available from http://sites.google.com/site/pqhoudinitutorial/
a computer screen with an image of a man's face in blue and black
Community for CG & Digital Artists
Particle Trails in HoudiniComputer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio
the video is showing an image of a woman's body and head with long hair
Curl Noise Flow
Curl Noise Flow
an orange substance floating in the air on top of a black surface with white and gray shapes
Tutorial 25 - Houdini Lava Like a Boss (Part 1)
Tutorial 25 - Houdini Lava Like a Boss (Part 1)
an abstract image of metal spikes on a black surface with the words, quick tips object processing
Quick Tip 05 - Object Packing In Houdini
In this tip we're using Houdini's grain solver to pack objects onto surfaces without interpenetration. A handy technique, especially if you need to create something like Ferrofluid. The FREE project file is available here: http://benwattsdesign.com
a computer screen with some red and black objects on it
Particle Logo Explode Tutorial for Houdini: In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a particle logo explosion using Houdini 13 Particles, Rigid Body Dynamics, and Packed Primitives.