Providional cast on. Knitting Набор петель косичкой

provisional cast on. Knitting tip i have been trying to find for ages makes a cable pattern easier to start without the weird squishy appearance at the beginning and allows you to unravel the yarn for a seamless sew up later on Набор петель косичкой

TECHknitting: Jogless stripes--pretty picture version....OH! the slipped a stitch. must check this out.

TECHknitting: Jogless stripes--pretty picture version~I did this on the last had I made and it worked perfectly.

Cast off technique for circular knitting.

TECHknitting: Ordinary chain bind off, part binding off circular knits - binding off ITR without having that bump between the beginning and the end

техника вязания укороченных рядов (в картинках)

Уроки вязания

Двухсторонний жаккард спицами для начинающих - YouTube

Двухсторонний жаккард спицами для начинающих - YouTube