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warchiefeny: tearunited: Ten Of Swords, David Palumbo For the Heavy Metal Tarot Cards series. Dave Palumbo really deserves more attention.


a woman warrior. hair style, jewelry 's sync with blade. do you feel flexible but so streght, don't you ? by the other way i love this cool tone in this image. steel armor with round neck , and simple hình học carved

Forest  Rogers

Forest Rogers - Blue Muse - like the idea of a dress that blends into the skin ie has no delineation (coveys it's made from the feys magic or elements instead of cloth)

Gustav Klimt Pallas Athena 1898

Minerva or Pallas Athena, Gustav Klimt Completion Date: 1898 Style: Art Nouveau (Modern) Period: Golden phase Genre: mythological painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 75 x 75 cm Gallery: Historical Museum of the City of Vienna, Vienna