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If someone told you something that made you feel very evil and thereby hurt you, you could say that the words that person are like knives that cut or hurt your soul. As you will see it is a symbol

Sad, yet very true. To all those who are in depression, have social problems such as anxiety or bipolar disorder, or are simply sad because of heartbreak, stay strong ✌️

Anatomy Of An Angel by on @deviantART

not even remotely meant to be a fully comprehensive study, but something i made as ref for a story i'm working on. thought it might be helpful to other . Anatomy Of An Angel

It's more than just art

On by mocha → Comitir Song of memories of singing in the graduation ceremony, vague future and its lyrics. New world that was envisioned in those days. It's graduation season! If you graduate, people around it, congratulations!

-UTAU- by hizuki24

black legwear brown hair clouds dress from behind gloves holding hood leg garter long hair low twintails microphone microphone stand outstretched arm pantyhose sheiyue sky solo sun translation request twintails upskirt utau very long hair vocaloid wh