Use this for name drawing- write name in block letters then draw line pattern over. Color in spaces, zentangles too?

Use this for a color theory project. Students draw one silhouette 6 times. Then draw lines on top. Students choose a color scheme/harmony and paint the new shapes created.

Art To develop personal initiative Given a ballon, the children will make a chain of 11 painted spots using the bottom of the balloon

Top 31 Amazing DIY Paintings For Your Blank Walls

Создание мозаики из яичной скорлупы - это настоящее искусство, доступное и взрослым и детям.С помощью скорлупок, клея, красок и лака любой желающий может создать настоящий шедевр.

DIY Eggshell Decoupage DIY Projects ever wonder what to do with old CD's Look at…

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Cute craft for Pharaoh's Dream, regarding the story of Joseph. The kids will love it.

Gabee Meyer painted leaves

Gabee Meyer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The talented illustrator and pattern designer picks out random leaves and paints contemporary folk designs on them.

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Kids Craft Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher Kit with Birds, Bees, Using Tissue paper, Arts and Crafts Kids Activity, project could use overhead projector paper and black construction paper and tissue paper strips/pieces

Мастер класс графики с акварельной заливкой.

Мастер класс графики с акварельной заливкой.