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a wallpaper with white flowers and green leaves on grey grounding, in the middle of a circular pattern
Jasmin étoilé | collection
Jasmin étoilé | collection
a blue and white plate topped with yellow and white flowers on top of a tile wall
The making of a mosaic bistro table
Felicity Ball mosaics: The making of a mosaic bistro table
a hand is holding up a mosaic tile piece that looks like a snake on the ground
Making a mosaic on mesh - step by step
Making a mosaic on mesh is explained in easy to follow steps with clear illustrations in this tutorial by Helen Miles Mosaics.
the sun and moon are depicted in this mosaic design
Waning Crescent - Moon Mosaic Medallion | Celestial | Mozaico
Mesmerizing mosaic medallion design showing a crescent moon against a beautiful two-color sun design. Perfect addition to your wall or floor inlay. Customization available for size and colors to give you the perfect decorative item.
a vase with flowers sitting on top of a dresser next to a framed photograph and shells
Keepsake Oyster Shell Art - Southern State of Mind Blog by Heather