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a burrito filled with lots of veggies and other toppings sitting on top of a table
Chipotle Chicken Wraps
Chipotle Chicken Wraps that taste better than the ones from my favorite restaurant! These wraps are amazing!
several skewers of chicken on a tray with dipping sauce
Amazing grilled Chipotle BBQ Chicken Skewers (that can also be made in the oven!) These 5 ingredient BBQ Chicken Ckewers come together into on
several rolls are arranged on a cutting board
Texas Sushi Pinwheels Recipe: Appetizers In Under 10 Minutes
Chipotle Bacon Pinwheels
some food that is on a white plate
Six Sisters' Stuff · Family Recipes, Food, Fun Crafts
With local honey, Tabasco® Chipotle sauce, and lime - these wings are the perfect combo of spicy and sweet. They just might even get up during the game to get more
a white bowl filled with food on top of a wooden table next to silverware
Spicy Chipotle Shredded Chicken
Spicy Chipotle Shredded Chicken - saucy, flavorful chicken that works in tacos, salads, nachos, and more! 190 calories. |
chicken fajita bowls with grilled veggies and sour cream
Chicken Fajita Bowls
BETTER THAN ANY RESTAURANT! I love the layered textures and flavors infusing every bite with hints of honey, lime, cumin, chipotle, smoked paprika. | Carlsbad Cravings
three different pictures of burrito bowls with creamy chipotie sauce and beans in them
Vegan Burrito Bowl with Creamy Chipotle Sauce
Bean and Veggie Burrito Bowl with Creamy Chipotle Sauce
a green bowl filled with chili and tortilla chips on top of a table
Chipotle Chicken Chili
Chipotle Chicken Chili. Oh my goodness, so good.
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a glass filled with some kind of liquid
Chipotle Mayo - Farmers’ Almanac
Chipotle sauce for fish tacos
chicken fajita bowls with chipotle lime ranch dressing on a green plate
Chicken Fajita Bowls
Honey Lime Chipotle Chicken Fajita Bowls with Chipotle Lime Crema - BETTER THAN ANY RESTAURANT!!!
a bowl filled with meat and vegetables on top of a table
Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls.
Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Lime Quinoa by howsweeteats #Bowl #Chicken #Quinoa #Lime #Chiptotle #Healthy
a large pot filled with chicken and vegetable soup on top of a wooden table next to a green spoon
Chipotle Chicken Chowder
Recipe For Chipotle Chicken Chowder - Prep it on Sunday and you'll have enough to feed your family for days; the flavor just gets better as it sits in the fridge.
a bowl of chicken and bean soup next to shredded cheese
Good Housekeeping | Hearst
White Chipotle Chicken Chili
a white bowl filled with salad sitting on top of a table next to a bag of chips
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chipotle chicken taco salad :: only 249 calories for 2.5 cups! It's soooo good!!!