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We like how this simple logo is set on a card with more imagery to round out the brand identity. Could include Seattle (Mount Rainier or downtown skyline) or both Seattle and Jerusalem images?
i think it is quite clever how various tools have been combined and incorporated to create the letter 'P' for the company's name as well as give an indication as to what they do.
Team Construction and Builder Logo  #constructions #corporate #corporative • Available here →
Infinity Repair Logo
House Fix Logo Template #design #logotype Download:
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Paraguay by Kausa, UMA, and Bloom Consulting... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All
Logo Design, Brand Identity, Drilling & Grouting Ressources | mining…
Tech Construction Logo. This is good because it shows the industry of our clients (construction, engineering, cleaning), and also suggests closing the circle, or Bright Circle completing their project
The two fish seem to glide right through the type as if a stream was moving through. Successful infusion of image and text.
Разработка логотипа и элементов фирменного стиля "КАУ  «ГОСУДАРСТВЕННАЯ ЭКСПЕРТИЗА»