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there is a heart shaped arrangement made out of chocolates and marshmallows
Великолепное сердце из клубники
Потрясающее сердце из цветов, клубники и шоколада с уникальной надписью. 45-47 ягод. Цена 6500₽
decorative items displayed on wooden table with white flowers and branches in vases behind them
Hamsa Evil Eye Incense holder with Vintage touch | Bakhoor Holder | Bukhoor Holder | Gold of Silver Finish
"Elegant and beautiful Hamsa Evil Eye incense holder with vintage touch that can be used for Bakhoor holding or a gift for a special one. With evil eye bead and eye-relaxing white/clear mix, this incense holder is made to perfection with high quality resin, evil eye bead. Handmade, each set will be unique, matching the styles in the picture with small variations made especially for you. Option of Gold or Silver Finish - Material: High quality Resin and evil eye bead - Light weight and durable: T