So pink, omg

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many pink and white bowls are arranged on a table top, one is shaped like an open flower
From @yasminfalahat 👌👏💖 . . . . . #ceramic #ceramiclove #ceramicart #ceramiclife #ceramica #ceramique #ceramicdesign #design #art…
a bathroom sink made out of pink marble
@anchhez | home | decor | interior | интерьер | декор | квартира
a pink tiled bathroom with a shower head
Pink Bathroom
Pink shower. Would love this in my house!
a motel sign in front of a palm tree on the side of the road with pink buildings behind it
Pink Motel
Pink Motel Built in 1946. Still used as a motel, and also as a frequent spot for film and television shoots. 9457 San Fernando Rd., Sun Valley CA.
an empty swimming pool with ladders to the ceiling and water in the back ground
We’re pleased to announce our trends team have hand-picked four winners for our #trendingbywgsn competition. We received lots of great entries but managed to narrow it down to one winner per trend....
an old pay phone with writing on it and a pink cord attached to the telephone
Might make her day, but don't say it if it's not true