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a red star on top of a ribbon with the words merry christmas written below it
Война. Победа. 9 мая. Эстетика
Шаблон для сторис 9 мая #9мая #победа #1941 #1945 #деньпобедыоткрытка
the logo for an upcoming festival, with a flame on it and lettering in spanish
9th May. Victory Day. Sacred Fire Stock Vector - Illustration of boldness, postcard: 108448210
9th May. Victory Day. Sacred fire. Illustration about boldness, postcard, great, gold, gift, army, firework, courage, flame, fire, calligraphy, holiday, handdrawn, congratulation - 108448210
a red star is hanging from the side of a pole with trees in the background
Война. 9 мая. День Победы эстетика
two bundt cakes sitting on top of a wooden table next to flowers and rocks
a cake with white icing and chocolate eggs on top
a close up of a cake on a wooden plate with eggs in the top and white icing
a cake on a plate with candles and flowers in the vase behind it that says 65
Пасхальный кулич
a birthday cake sitting on top of a plate with a lit candle in the middle
a chocolate cake with white frosting and sprinkles on a wooden platter
three cakes with white frosting and red flowers on top sitting on a wooden table
three cupcakes with frosting and nuts are on a wooden table next to a white curtain
#Easter #паска
Паска прикрашена колосками
two cakes with chocolate frosting and walnuts on top, one topped with nuts