Edo Era Japanese Living Room - Koganei, Tokyo...with a pretty big Daruma doll by the front door.

Edo Era Japanese Living Room - Koganei, Tokyo with a pretty big Daruma doll by the front door

Tucked tightly against a water-worn sandstone cliff, this tea house is the terminus for the path meandering down the hill.    Master carpenter Jim Hughes crafted the basic structure in the shop and reassembled it on site. Ceramic roof tiles and antique cedar panels from Japan enhance the cultural references of this building.

Perfect for my getaway/guest house. Could be used for meditation room, yoga room, extra study, fold out bed for Guest

Traditional Japanese Tea House 3

Traditional Japanese Tea House on the grounds of my mountain log home. I imagine walking down the winding path in the other picture.

Totekiko é um dos cinco jardins do Ryogen-in sub-templo do complexo budista Daitoku-ji em Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japão. Feito por Nabeshima Gakusho em 1958, e é considerado o menor jardim de pedras japonês.  http://sergiozeiger.tumblr.com/post/84828997473/totekiko-e-um-dos-cinco-jardins-do-ryogen-in

Ryogen-in at Daitokuji, Kyoto, Japan. Totekiko(東滴壷) is the smallest stone garden in Japan.

Maiko Ichiyuri in Kyoto by Edy Lianto. She is absolutely stunning.

This appears to be a maiko, but I've left the original tag on it with the info Geisha on the Streets of Gion, Geiko Ichiyuri of Gion Kobu.