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Korea traditional costume Hanbok. 한국 전통의상 한복. (생활한복, 개량한복, 퓨전한복, 현대인 한복)

not so much for the guy. Just a great light cover up for a girl.the femininity of the strap and wrap,.


Design II Set, known as “Captain Picard’s Tea Set”, from its appearances on Star Trek , The Next Generation (via Saenger Porcelain)

Cute tea pots <3          Source: Google

They would make a fine addition to my tea pot/tea set collection. szymon: “ contemporary fine porcelain works by Heinrich Wang from NewChi.

25-onions-watercolor-final STEP BY STEP

~"Oignons" - Joel Simon, watercolour {step-by-step demonstration of onions still-life food painting} joel-simon.