Liu yao

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a woman with long dark hair holding her hand up to her face and an angel above her head
六爻 — Liu Yao | Han Tan (Puddle / Shui Keng)
an anime character with different expressions on her face
Liu Yao
two cartoon characters are talking to each other
Liu Yao Yan Zhengming and Cheng Qian
two people dressed in traditional japanese clothing sitting on a window sill with bamboo leaves around them
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Liu yao
three people walking across a bridge over a river
六爻 #Liu_Yao
a drawing of a woman with long hair and an eye patch on her face, standing in front of a cloudy sky
六爻 Liu Yao
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seru👻👻🔞E2S1 IL HAVER🐉 (@pastel84950110) on X
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六爻 #Liu_Yao
two anime characters one is holding the other's arm around her neck and she has long brown hair
しらたま on Twitter
two women standing next to each other in front of a blue sky with stars on it
some anime characters with different poses and expressions
六爻 Liu Yao