A nice little Kitchen Hutch.

Shabby Shelf and Cabinet. Maybe I could have a little corner for my teacups. They shouldn't be hidden.~~~Minus the ugly black phone! Really detracts from the beauty of the cabinet and dishes.

Are you a shabby chic pinner on Pinterest?  I love shabby chic. Here's my best 101 picks. Pin them to your boards; give credit to originator. 2 great how to videos, click poll for your  favorites

101 Prettiest Pinterest Shabby Chic - My Picks

Vintage spoon rack  I painted white and use to hang a hankie collection.

Souvenir spoon holder for vintage hankie collection. (because who doesn't have a vintage hankie collection?

Our moments are no longer fight-flight reactions. We now stand, endure, and abide through the unforgivable. We stand in Christ's forgiveness without prideful effort to cover or protect ourselves. His blessing is joy and gladness. We share the company of the Prophets in the Word and our King's dominion over our abode and eternal reward. Matthew 5:1-12.

I like plate racks like this to keep pretty dishes handy and in sight to enjoy Vintage Country Kitchen Decor

Rose che poesia.....

Chateau De Fleurs: I'm Thinking of Starting Up Painting Classes and I Need Your Input !

Love the mix & match with the cups and saucers. (photo by Selina Lake)

Vintage tea sets and fine china. I have sooo many tea sets I need to display them this way!

beautiful collection of pink dishes/tableware

Love pink and shabby chic dishware. Luv this display! Shabby Chic DIY: Year you met and year you were married.