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6th Grade Science

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$ A super BACK TO SCHOOL buy!!! (grades 4-8) Direction, back ground information and student lab sheets for 3 labs!!! A great introduction to the scientific method, these labs can also stand alone. Cheap, easy and fun!!!
YouTube video showing the scientific process in real life. Appropriate clip for elementary, middle, and high school science classes.
This set comes with an easy to read definition sheet that lists the steps of the scientific method in an easy to understand way. It also includes a template the students fill out as they are doing their Ice melting experiment (lab) using each step of the scientific method. The materials and procedures are all set up, so the students will need to make predictions, observations and last, a conclusion!

Scientific Method

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Lab Safety Escape Room is a fun, engaging, hands-on, learning experience for your middle school science students. They will read puzzles, solve clues, and complete the activity to show their knowledge of safe lab procedures. Grades 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Much more interactive way of teaching lab safety - several activities
Memes to review lab safety

Lab Safety

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I would use this worksheet to assess the students' comprehension of the phases of the moon.
rotate vs. revolve - Google Search

6th Grade Astronomy

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Venenos naturales [Infografía] | SCIENTIA
This week’s ‪#‎WeirdChemistry‬: Urine-powered toilets & distress signals!Read more here and here.(Weird Chemistry archive: www.compoundchem.com/weird-chemistry/)

6th Grade Chemistry - The Chemistry of...

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Atoms, elements, molecules, and compound molecules for science. Use circle color coding labels to make molecule diagrams.
Middle School Chemistry: Build Atoms with Candy. A FREE download so you can build candy atoms during your science lessons. @Education Possible
Structure of a beryllium atom: four protons, four neutrons and four electrons.

6th Grade Chemistry - Atoms

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A memorable, awesome way to introduce the periodic table! (And grab a freebie!)
Students create individualized T-shirts featuring an element from the Periodic Table.  Ordering information for shirts and organizational strategies on this website!
This EDITABLE POWERPOINT contains 35 SLIDES on the Periodic Table. Using great graphics and an effective lesson sequence, this PowerPoint takes students through the creation of the periodic table, the information found on the periodic table, the structure of the periodic table, and the properties of groups of elements and chemical families found on the periodic table.

6th Grade Chemistry - Periodic Table

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States of matter anchor chart (dead pin)
Properties of Matter Stations Fun $
The Phase Change Mini Labs are a series of eight short experiments designed to help students observe, and to some extent, quantitatively measure, the effects of substances as they change from one phase to another.

6th Grade Chemistry - Matter

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Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: Molecule Madness: A Water Experiment
Chemical Bonds

6th Grade Chemistry - Molecules, Mixtures, Solutions & Types of Bonds

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Science Matters: Density: A Sweet Demonstration
Experiment - melting colored ice in oil
The Science Penguin: The Science Penguin's Science Plans Week 4

6th Grade Chemistry - Density

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How to Make a Fire Snake from Sugar & Baking Soda « Food Hacks Daily
Hot ice, scientifically known as sodium acetate, is a liquid that will turn solid at the slightest provocation. Touching it with your finger or bumping it too hard will cause it to spring from a clear, water-like state into solid ice-like crystals.

6th Grade Chemistry - chemical reactions labs/demos to show kids

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chemistry cat
Image result for Middle School English Bulletin Boards

6th Grade Chemistry - Chemistry Memes

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the chemistry of slime
BUTTER SLIME! This butter slime recipe is so fun to make! It's soft and stretchy made with model magic which is a soft clay. Easy and no borax. #bestideasforkids #slime #slimerecipe #butterslime #kidfun #kidscraft #kidsactivity #slimefun #

6th Grade Chemistry - Chemistry of Slime

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Chemistry and physics...and forensics
Many of us enjoyed watching spectacular fireworks displays to usher in the new year. However, the vibrant colours of fireworks belie the effects that they can have on the environment. With this gra…
Flame color of various elements as compounds in burning methanol

6th Grade Chemistry - Chemistry of Foreworks

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We are a community of chemistry educators helping each other flip the chemistry classroom.
Like all chemistry teachers, I dreaded the compounds unit because students always forgot naming rules or applied them incorrectly! I made this handout for students to practice naming compounds AFTER the students learned how to name binary molecules, ionic salts and metal oxides, and acids.
High School Science: Keep calm and do science!

6th Grade Chemistry - Otro

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Excellent clip explaining relationship between building forces, plate tectonics & destructive forces (erosion).
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Activity | Science Notebooking | Bloglovin’
Kristen Leigh - My Adventures as a 6th Grade Teacher: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition Relay   I saw this...

6th Grade Earth Science - Constructive & Destructive Forces

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Layers of Earth and Layers of Atmosphere plus Math Journals
Earth layers information and activity
A superb interactive science resource about the structure of the Earth, plate Tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes.

6th Grade Earth Science - Earth Layers

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Bill Nye on Earthquakes.  About 23 minutes.  Use to introduce earthquakes at the beginning of a lesson.
Teaching Earthquakes using colored rice. Several activities on geo features
Close up of a fault line or fracture in the earth - Flaming Gorge..

6th Grade Earth Science - Covergent/Faults/Earthquakes

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Tectonic plates anchor chart.
Science Journal: Tectonic Plates Journal Activity w/ 2 Bou
plate boundaries

6th Grade Earth Science - Plate Boundaries

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This is a FREE 10 slide powerpoint that introduces the concepts of continental drift and plate tectonics. It includes colorful pictures, powerpoint animations and a link to an online animation of global plate reconstructions.   The slides include a short discussion of the evidence Alfred Wegener used to develop his theory of continental drift, namely:  geographical fit of continents fossils match across oceans rock type and structure match across oceans ancient glacial features
Earth Interactive Notebook Pages - Alfred Wegener and Theory of Continental Drift
In this simple modeling plate tectonics activity, students will model each of the different types of interactions at plate boundaries. Geology at its best!

6th Grade Earth Science - Pangea/Plate Tectonics

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Active Volcanoes Around the World
Sugar Cube Rock Cycle.    Really cool lesson about the Rock Cycle using Sugar cubes!  This website has so many different experiments that teachers can use to demonstrate different concepts in science! This activity aligns with the NYS Science Standards 1 & 4. However, the website aligns with the all of the NYS Science Standards.
Kink (or chevron) fold, Sot de Chera, Spain

6th Grade Earth Science - Other

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Life Science Ecosystems

6th Grade Ecosystems - food web/pyramids

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The food chain, as it exists in the Arctic.
Cute visual for food chains.
Food Chain science

6th Grade Ecosystems - food chains

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Hands-On Learning About Honey Bees with FREE Printable Resources | Homeschool Giveaways
Hands-On Learning About Honey Bees with FREE Printable Resources | Homeschool Giveaways
PROJECT BASED LEARNING SCIENCE: Save the Honey Bees PowerPoint, STEM, Bee Hotel - Use this 50+ page resource with your upper elementary 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom or home school students. students will research bees, interview bee keepers and come up with ideas of saving the population. They can even host a "Bee Sweet Tasting Party." STEM can be incorporated into the unit when students build their Bee Hotel. Covers science, writing, research, technology {third, fourth, fifth, graders}

6th Grade Ecosystems - honey bees

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This is a FREE 14 page homework or classwork bundle about Ecology Non-living / Abiotic Factors. This bundle includes topics around the Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle, Phosphorus Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, pH, and how they all relate to living organisms. Answers and much more provided. -Enjoy, Science from Murf LLC.
FREE abiotic and biotic activity - ecosystems
Blendspace | Understanding Why Something Is Classified As Biotic Or Abiotic

6th Grade Ecosystems - biotic & abiotic

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Parts of a flower diagram
Cool flower dissection for Elementary students!
I especially this love this diagram because I love hibiscus!

6th Grade Ecosystems - flower parts/dissection

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