Andrey Shelemehov

Andrey Shelemehov

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Andrey Shelemehov
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Juan Miguel Horta: ESTUDI AROLA

Modular lighting system for interiors, It can be recessed or for fitting to the ceiling.

Controlling light to adapt to momentary requirements is at the heart of the new project by Jean Marie Massaud, Lightwing. This new floor lamp is appealing both for its strong technical qualities and poetic language.


Developed by LED Enterprise of Japan, Huug is a unique lighting fixture in the shape of an oval with LED illuminants which are only a few millimeters wide so they can be tucked away from the surface of the light, hidden from sight. | Lampadina Table Lamp Orange

Table lamp providing direct, diffused light designed by Achille Castiglioni in ON/OFF oscillating switch inside the lamp-holder, that can be activated from the outside. Anodized aluminium base serves to contain excess power cord.