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the painting is being worked on by someone who has painted it in black, red and white
Hand painted frosty
Beautiful hand painting of Frosty. Perfect addition to decking the halls
two ornaments are hanging in a frame on the floor next to a christmas tree branch
A couple of Mom's old Mirro cookie cutters with a favorite bit of wrapping paper. I'm thinking of doing another one, and incorporating her handwritten recipe for sugar cookies.
three wooden poles decorated to look like santa claus, snowman and rudolph the reindeer
DIY Spindles - You can get these spindles for less than $1 at dollar store and then you can use mini
DIY Spindles
two framed pictures in a white frame with red and black plaid ribbon on them, one is
a shadow box with some metal items in it
Halloween Art Projects|Aesthetic paper crafts For Kids
Halloween Art Projects|Aesthetic paper crafts For Kids