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an aerial view of a bedroom and living room in a tiny house, from above
Good Morning! As promised, the floor plans and an insight into the interior design. There are four apartments in total. There are three one-room apartments on the first floor. The fourth apartment has two floors, the bathroom, a reading area and storage space on the first floor and the kitchen and sleeping area on the second floor. There is also access to the roof terrace from the fourth apartment. The bar and the entire outdoor area can of course be used by all living parties. 🐌🌱🏭🐌🌱🏭 🍃 4...
an aerial view of a house with lots of rooms
an overhead view of a restaurant with tables and chairs
a doll house is shown with furniture and accessories in the living room or bedroom area
an animated image of a bedroom with plants on the window sill
an aerial view of a living room and bedroom in the same house, with furniture on each floor
Lofty Loft (Interior) | the Sims 4
an aerial view of a house with a swimming pool
House with pool
a purple poster with an origami diamond on it's back side and the words in russian below