Рукав со сборками


Рукав со сборками

Вся соль в изнанке! / Фотофорум / Burdastyle

beautiful lining / seam finishing - from Russian Burdastyle

Мастер-класс. От Осинки Карман в рамку на молнии

I think if someone in Russia truly wanted to hack the elections, they should have asked one of these unbelievably talented Ukrainian ladies that post sewing patterns


Hong Kong Armscye Finish

Hong Kong Armscye Finish - Threads Conceal+the+raw+edges+of+an+armscye+with+this+great+technique.

Hong Kong finish for unlined jacket.  Opens up a whole new group of options for sewing patterns of jackets with no linings.  Beautiful.

Hong Kong seam finish - good for unlined clothing, and fabric that wants to revel. You do this BEFORE sewing the seams, right after cutting the pieces.

Мастер-классы по шитью одежды ШКОЛЫ ШИТЬЯ А.Корфиати


Мастер-классы по шитью одежды ШКОЛЫ ШИТЬЯ А.Корфиати