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a green sea turtle swims through the grass in front of some blue ocean water
a turtle swimming in the ocean surrounded by corals
Büyük mücadeleye rağmen başta caretta caretta ve chelonia mydas olmak üzere 7 tür deniz kaplumbağasının nesilleri hızla yok olmaya doğru gitmektedir.
a turtle swimming in the ocean with its head above the water's surface looking up at the camera
a sea turtle swimming in the ocean
a fish with blue and red feathers on it's back legs, swimming in the water
Blue Crown Tail: Betta's have quite the personality, they are curious and friendly and will recognize their owners and swim towards the front of the bowl to capture their attention.
an orange and white fish on top of purple coral
Under the sea of Hayman Island, Queensland
a blue and yellow fish sitting on top of a coral
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a large group of fish swimming over a coral reef
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dolphins swimming in the ocean surrounded by fish