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a vending machine with many items in it's display case and the words puritaa on the front
three different colored shelves with dogs in them
a red and white display case with cats on it's shelves, which are filled with cat food
стойка кошечки
an exhibition stand with several displays on it
Exhibition stand "PURINA"
an assortment of dog treats displayed on display
In store Marketing
In store Marketing by Bill Kambol at Coroflot.com
a display in a grocery store filled with lots of food and drink bottles on shelves
Торговые стенды POSM
Торговые стенды on Behance
three different colored shelves with dogs on them and food in the middle one is for sale
Expositor de suelo. Dispensador
a dog and cat are looking at each other through an animal's kennel
Display Design
Display Design by ibrahim BOZKURT at Coroflot.com
three different colored shelves with dogs in them
Point of Purchase 2011-2013
Point of Purchase 2011-2013 by Andrey Fedotov at Coroflot.com
a dog is sitting on top of a frontline pet store display case with dogs and cats in it
Frontline - Ponta de Gôndola
Ponta de Gondola Frontline da Merial
a display case with an image of a cartoon character on the front and back sides
Hablamos de PLV