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Welcome. To the crazy shipping Hetalia fandom.

Welcome to the ferekin' Heatlia fandom. the only couple thet i love in this pic is fruk China tho "Why r u youngsters so hormonal aru

Oh newbies

I laughed so hard at this and my parents looked at me like WTF? And I just - it's so funny but you wouldn't get it.<<<< the supernatural fandom would be proud of the use of this gif!

These feels!

Denmark Matthias Kohler Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna Finland Tino Vainamoinen Iceland Emil Steilsson Norway Lukas Bondevik aka, The Nordics

netherlands and canada

In the Dutch royal family sent 100 000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa in gratitude for Canadians having sheltered Princess Juliana and her daughters for the preceding three years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War