Amazing fish!

"Black And White Pointillism Style Illustrations by Radomir Mudrinic, via Behance" - Pisces Tattoo Idea

Beautiful black and grey drawing

These are incredible Day of the Dead tattoos! A Day of the Dead tattoo celebrates the incredible Mexican holiday.

Tattoo Idea!

Flowing Inspiration by Enkel Dika.odd, very odd but I can see a really unique tattoo here, no eye though.

Cherry Cat by Gothic Moonlight (DeviantArt) -- One of my next tattoos!

Cherry Cat by Gothic Moonlight. I would have softer lines, cat is a bit harsh.

Silver Koi Fish Mermaid Print

The Art of Liana Hee : VERSUS: A Show of Opposites - Unique Koi Mermaid watercolor paintings - zesty-tattoo

Koi tattoo sketch by ~TeroKiiskinen on deviantART

Koi tattoo sketch by ~TeroKiiskinen on deviantART. I want something like this one day to represent my future children, one for each of them. It'll b on my shoulder blade wrapping up and coming down to a quarter sleeve.