aurus pendant tutorial

cabochons and beads wraped with fabric strips/trim to make jewelry. DIY Aurus Style Fabric and Bead Pendant

Создаем бусину в технике объемной сутажной вышивки / Soutage Bead Tutorial

Create a bead in the technique of embroidery sutazhnoy / Soutage Bead Tutorial

Soutache Earrings  Serena Di Mercione Creation

Soutache Earrings These are fab but not something I've thought about doing.

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"SPRING GARDEN" Necklace (detail) --- Design by Serena Di Mercione --- beadembroidery, soutache, shibori silk, swarovski, pearls.

Using Cup Chain in Soutache

Using Cup Chain in Soutache - Cup chain can add a sparkling layer to your soutache designs. Its flexibility makes it easy to incorporate into designs that require shaping, like soutache projects.