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an old black house looks perfect
В чёрном-чёрном городе... Хотели бы так жить?
a drawing of a house in black and white with a hand holding a ballpoint pen
99 Inspiring And Easy Cool Things To Draw For Architects
an old house with stairs leading up to it
все то, что я хочу нарисовать из зданий и мест
an old stone building with windows and vines growing on the roof, in front of mountains
Здесь могла быть "Русская Ницца".
The once grand castle of the Prince of Oldenburg was called ‘The Seagul
an old, run down house sits in the middle of a field with tall grass
a spiral staircase in an old brick building
beautiful Staircase. Jaipur I think..
beautiful Staircase. Jaipur I think.. | kiwigran | Flickr