KiKi. Now that you have a computer in your room you can go to sites like this to do lessons on drawning when grammie isn't able to help you with drawning.arms

Learn how to draw arms - step by step tutorial that will teach you the basics of drawing arms in fashion sketches. Drawing arms has never been easier before

horse drawing

horse anatomy - how to draw a horse step by step - So cool. I hope that I can draw horses like this one day.

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Basic shaping inc guides, female head and shoulders sketch, How to Draw a Face - 25 Step by Step Drawings and Video Tutorials

Simple Female Body Tutorial by on @deviantART

Simple Female Body Tutorial, by deli-Yu on deviantART. >> This tutorial is helpful for drawing the torso of a female character.

Much like eHow, there is a wealth of information and instruction in all manner of things at wikiHow.

Draw Basic Human Figures

How to Draw Basic Human Figures (with Pictures) - wikiHow - Every time I draw a human, it looks wonky. The torso never matches the legs!

расворы вытачки, перевод вытачки, прибавки на свободу облегания

расворы вытачки, перевод вытачки, прибавки на свободу облегания

Learn the logic of drawing hands and apply it to different view angles in your fashion sketches and illustrations. my hand drawings are awful


Beautiful figures and wonderful sketching. I will be there, just keep waiting…