Abito Umbra, 100% lino:

Abito Umbra, lino, could use a large tablecloth for this

bespoke blouse                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Simple stitch detail, and specialty button makes an ordinary blouse/shirt extraordinary.

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Contrasting trim on the corner of the shirt hem

bespoke blouse

Cuff detail - Bespoke shirts and blouses

Blue Cliffe Oxford Shirt

Small ribbon tab and matching buttondown detail

Необычные манжеты и детали рукавов (трафик) / Детали / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Cool buttons-great attention to detail. Pre-order AFFORDABLE premium Hucklebury shirts today on Kickstarter. Made in USA, Superior Quality .

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PLACKET SHIRT If the fabric is too heavy for the Magic Placket, Pam Erny comes to the rescue again with the two-piece placket. Classic Sleeve Placket Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~: Classic Sleeve Placket




Normal sleeve with a single button

Sézane - Essentiels - T-shirt Romy

Sézane - Essentiels - T-shirt Romy

emanuel-berg-hampton-oxford-hemd-p780127-1575111_image.jpg (777×999)

emanuel-berg-hampton-oxford-hemd-p780127-1575111_image.jpg (777×999)